You can find Chef Sergio Mirabelli in the kitchen or dining room working directly taking care of customers. Sergio is from the Southern Region of Basilicata, Italy where the wild boar are hunted in the countryside and the locals are tending to their land and picking wild herbs in the mountains. Residents make sausage in the winter from the kill of the wild boar.


The Adriatic ocean is 45 minute drive away. Fresh seafood is readily available. This remote region is the leasted visited in Italy, bu the food is just as good if not better than Tuscany. Francis Ford Coppola comes from the same area. The land in Basilicata is abundant with oil. The drive is evidence of that when you see the oil drillers from Texaco alongside the sheephearders.


Agiliance del Vulure is the regional wine in Baslicata. The full body wine has notes of earthyness, just as the Volcanic land from which is comes from. If you want to escape from the stresses of life, Basilicata may be the answer. Life is laid back. "Ahhh!.. lets get on the plane and get rid of the cell phone and come back in several months." It's the perfect stress free life.


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